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Please inquire about reservations at least in advance by using the form below. For reservations for this week, or last minute please call us at the number listed above after 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. We will call you to confirm your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your reservation.

We can book parties from 6 people to 120 people standing or 90 people seated.

If your party is 2-4 people no need to do a reservation since we have plenty of space.

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We will call you to confirm at least 24 hours prior to your reservation
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Reservations for large groups at The Dylan- Information Sheet

Here at the Dylan, we are more than happy to cater to larger groups, for occasions such as Christmas  parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and even small weddings.

There are 2 options when it comes to booking the space:

1.    The Back-Room: A group of up to 50 in the back room, with the bar open to the public.  There is no minimum expenditure for this option, so long as people are eating/drinking/enjoying themselves!  Food and drinks etc can be pre-arranged, should you wish to do so. 

2.    A Private Party: The whole space is yours to do what you want with it (within reason!).  The space is licensed for over 120 people.  We would provide bar and kitchen staff, and food and drinks can be arranged in advance, should you require it.  Specialty items can also be brought in, should you wish to have a particular wine, cocktail, Champagne etc that you would like on the night ($20 corkage fee per bottle).  There is a minimum expenditure amount for this arrangement, as is outlined below. 

Sunday to Wednesday: $1800 minimum

THURSDAY: $2100 minimum

FRIDAY OR SATURDAY: $3000 minimum

Please note that we would require credit card information in advance, should the minimum not be reached on the night.

Separate tabs can be kept for individuals to order from the bar and pay at the end of the night.  A card may be taken at the bar for open tabs.

(See below for pricing of food and drinks)

Food & Drinks:

Typically we do a variety of small snack-sized plates for larger groups.  They are sent out in increments over a couple of hours, so that guests can snack over time.  (Another approach is to have things brought out on platters to a designated food area, where guests can take food as they want it)

The plates/snacks include small versions of our brussels sprouts, poutine, cauliflower fritters, as well as chicken bites, fish bites, sliders, and small salads. 

The snack-plates are priced at $10 per person for 2 plates, $15 for 3 plates. 

Below are a couple of examples of food and drinks costing:

Per person:

Food Only:  2 snack plates for $12, or 3 for $18

Food (2 snacks), plus drink on arrival:  $20

Food (3 snacks), plus drink on arrival:  $25

                                    (drinks include beer, wine, and rail mixed drinks)

Food (3 snacks), plus drink on arrival, plus 2 drink tickets: $40


(a scenario that has been used previously)

Party of 60 people:

3 Snacks, a drink on arrival, plus 2 drink tickets per person: $40 each

Add HST (13%), plus staff tip (18%)

Total: $3144.00